Trademark Law Boston

When it comes to understanding and utilizing trademark law, Boston business owners with intellectual property can rely on the experienced attorneys at Mikowski & Leonard, LLC. We represent clients with a variety of different backgrounds looking to obtain trademark, service mark, patent and copyright protections. Founding partners, Justin Mikowski and Ryan Leonard, are both highly experienced attorneys, and are both members of the Boston and Massachusetts Bar Associations. Attorney, Justin Mikowski specializes in patent and trademark law, and is a licensed patent attorney, who is registered in front of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). When it comes to trademark law, Boston area businesses can rest assured that the attorneys at Mikowski & Leonard have the resources and background to help ensure the future success of their intellectual properties.

Mikowski & Leonard, LLC Specializes in Trademark Law in Boston

The diligent attorneys at Mikowski & Leonard, LLC handle a wide range of intellectual property law services, which include trademark law, copyright, patent, trade dress and trade secret laws. When it comes to protecting your intellectual property, the law firm to turn to for reliability and accountability is Mikowski & Leonard, LLC. Many of our clients come to us at first, unsure if trademarking is the right investment for their businesses' futures. We understand that trademark law might not always seem worth the investment, which is why we offer each and every one of our potential clients a free, no obligation consultation to discuss the matters at hand. After meeting with an attorney from Mikowski & Leonard, LLC for a free thirty-minute consultation, you will have all of your options laid out, helping you to make the best informed decision possible.

Understanding the Benefits of Trademark Law in Boston

Many of our clients come to us unaware of what trademark law entails, and what the benefits of a trademark registration entail. A trademark is essentially a registered symbol, phrase, design, or combination of the three that identifies and distinguishes your goods or services from others like it in the market. Owning a federal trademark on the Principal Register offers a variety of benefits, which include:

  • The rights and ability to bring any action concerning the mark to federal court
  • The use of the U.S. registration to obtain registration in other countries
  • The ability to record the registration with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Service to prevent infringement on out-of-country goods
  • A spot on the USPTO database
  • Public claim and ownership of the mark
  • The ability to use the mark nationwide

Understanding the benefits of trademark law in Boston and throughout the country is important to owners of intellectual properties in trade. Protecting your rights and ownership can offer added protection from detrimental threats, such as trademark infringement suits, down the line.

When it Comes to Trademark Law, Boston Businesses Should Call Us

When you turn to an attorney from Mikowski & Leonard, LLC for help with trademark law, we will work hard to help you assess the protect ability of your desired trademark, and to submit your Trademark Registration Application. Call our office today to schedule your free half hour consultation at (617) 651-1150. When it comes to trademark law, Boston businesses can trust that Mikowski & Leonard, LLC is the place to turn for comprehensive representation and service.

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