Small Business Lawyer Boston

Your business can benefit greatly from a small business lawyer. Boston based attorneys Mikowski & Leonard, LLC, provide small business services to help establish and grow Boston businesses throughout multiple industries. Led by founding partners Just Mikowski and Ryan Leonard, our law firm is dedicated to serving small businesses in and around Boston by providing a range of business services and legal counsel on a number of small business matters. Both of our diligent, experienced attorneys are members of the Massachusetts and Boston Bar Associations, and both take a unique approach to ensuring client satisfaction regardless of what the case. When searching for a dedicated small business lawyer, Boston businesses can rest assured that the professional legal team at Mikowski & Leonard, LLC will provide all of the support and guidance needed to start, maintain, and grow a viable business.

A Small Business Lawyer With Boston Clients Best Interests In Mind

Small business lawyers are not only brought on for disputes and matters of litigation. In fact, many small businesses in Boston turn to attorneys for services regarding entity establishment, intellectual property, employee rights, corporate compliance, and other matters that have nothing to do settling disputes. The small business lawyer Boston business owners can count of for competitive rates, and comprehensive legal coverage is at Mikowski & Leonard, LLC. Businesses often require contracts to be drafted throughout their existence, especially in the beginning. Contracts between employees, vendors, government agencies, and investors should all be reviewed and understood by a small business lawyer with your best interest in mind.

What You Will Get From a Reliable Small Business Lawyer in Boston

With a small business lawyer from Mikowski & Leonard, LLC, small business owners will have access to a range of helpful services including entity formations, legal consultation, and legal correspondence including negotiations, leases, nondisclosure agreements, contract drafting, and more. Keep your business protected under state and federal laws by turning to the attorneys who understand how to handle all legal matters of startup and small business formations. We will gladly act as your in-house council, and remain on call to help with any and all of your businesses’ contracting and legal needs. For a small business lawyer Boston businesses can trust that Mikowski & Leonard, LLC, has the legal team and resources to help them establish and grow their businesses.

A Trustworthy Small Business Lawyer in Boston

When your small business needs a trustworthy lawyer that can be counted on to help you plant solid foundations, you can call Mikowski & Leonard, LLC. We offer each and every one of our valued clients a free thirty-minute consultation to help them gain a better understanding of what we can do for their small businesses. To schedule your no obligation consultation, call our office today at (617) 651-1150. The small business lawyer Boston businesses can turn to for a range of helpful services is at Mikowski & Leonard, LLC.

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